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Elbow Patches are a Girl’s Best Friend

As I bring up in almost every post (sorry not sorry), fall is just around the corner. To me, nothing says fall quite like some good ole elbow patches. Ladies, let it be known, this little sweater detail is not just for the academics/Ross Gellar/your dad anymore. Elbow patches add a cute addition to any cozy outfit.


How to wear:

Elbow patches mean cooler weather, which means layers. Add a cool infinity scarf or layer over a chambray shirt to look cozy cute on your way to class. Also: riding boots are a must.elbow

(all photos via Pinterest)

Where to buy:


Glam Patched Sweater from Tobi, $58 (and comes in so many cute colors!)


Elbow-Patch Sweater from J. Crew, $98


Olive & Oak Elbow-Patch Cardigan from Urban Outfitters, $79

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 3.31.53 PM

Love Heart Elbow Patch Sweater from ASOS, $38.69

So, slip into a comfy sweater with some elbow patches, and feel collegiate and trendy all at the same time (which, who knew?)

xo, K


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