Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday Roundup – {August 24}

Welcome to a new weekly segment for A Girl’s Best Friend! Every Lazy Sunday, you’ll get a list of five things I’ve discovered on the internet this week. Whether it’s a cute outfit, a funny video, or a great article, you’ll see it all! It’s Lazy Sunday, so you stay in bed while I do all of the work and give you some new things to check out!


1. Silvia Navarro

Ok, so there’s this great designer out there, but I have no idea where. I discovered this website and it’s all in Spanish (I’m assuming) but OH MY GOD it’s adorable. Here is some of their latest collection:


_96b531bis5_213359749813_0797a41ff3_b 13361633623_1ba0217921_b _96b5907bi _96b5555bis


I originally discovered the collection at this blog.

You can check out the full collection on the Silvia Navarro website.


2. The Hotwives of Orlando

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 2.04.20 PM

Hulu has seriously outdid themselves with their new “Real Housewives” spoof. Laugh as some funny ladies make you never want to watch the Real Housewives again, because you’ve got the Hotwives.


3. Prancercise

Thank you Cosmo for showing me that I’ve been working out wrong my entire life. Prancercising my way to class from now on…



4. Post of the week:


Have you checked out some other posts on A Girl’s Best Friend this week? The most popular was definitely Frozen is A Girl’s Best Friend.

(But I also talked about kimonos this week, idk, if you’re in to that.)


5. Outfit of the week:


Why I love it: Because it’s so effortless, and definitely gives me some great ideas for how to transition into fall.

I originally found this on Pinterest, but with a little research I learned that this came from the blog Happily Grey. Go check out some of her other gorgeous outfits!


Happy Lazy Sunday!


xo, K


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