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Miranda Kerr is a Girl’s Best Friend {Style Profile}

It’s another beautiful day in Madtown, and you know who else is beautiful? Miranda Kerr (great transition to topic, I know. And also, it’s rainy in Madison…).

This girl has got it all: the perfect modeling career, the perfect body to go with her modeling career, and the cutest baby boy. Hey, she snagged Orlando fucking Bloom. And then decided she deserved BETTER. Which, if there’s better than Orlando Bloom, someone clue me in. But, you know, this post isn’t all about me.


Anyways, there are three different sides to Miranda’s style:

(all photos via Pinterest)


1. Casual Kerr

(aka Street Style)

kerr2 kerr1


Miranda keeps it sleek, cool, and will only wear what she KNOWS will flatter her body (as if there were an article of clothing out there that wouldn’t!). She caps off every outfit with a oversized bag which we can only assume is filled with magic.


2. Night Kerr

(aka evening looks that totally kill it)

I would say Fergie wrote “Glamorous” about Miranda Kerr, but who am I to make such assumptions?

kerr3 kerr4


3. Work Kerr

(aka Model ON Duty)

No words, just awesome.

kerr6 kerr5


Miranda Kerr is beautiful inside and out, and that’s what makes her A Girl’s Best Friend.


xo, K


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