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[The 12 Days of Summer] #2. New York Vs. LA

Hello and welcome back to the second to last day of THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER! I’ve been counting down my last days of summer and you get to see a new post every day! Now, fun fact about today’s post: it almost didn’t happen because I got so caught up with Friday Night Lights. Let me tell ya… that show is an emotional roller coaster for me. Anywhoo… today I present!:

Two Cities: New York vs. LA Style

Now, as most of you know, I spent my summer in NYC, and I have also spent a lot of time in California. This may not be the case for everyone, but I’ve found that my style changes depending on what city I’m in. Take a look!

New York Style

When I am in New York, I found myself gravitating towards oversized everything: sunglasses, bags, sweaters, etc. I think NYC, for me at least, is the place to rock sleek looks as well as more of a preppy look (channeling Kate Spade New York, Blair Wladorf, and the like).

New York Fashion Blair Waldorf Fashion

Kate Spade New York Fashion

LA Fashion

I consider LA fashion more relaxed (more beachy?) and boho.


LA Fashion 4 La Fashion 2 LA Fashion 1 LA Fashion 3

Now this is not to say that the two aren’t EVER reversed. This is just what immediately comes to mind for me when I think of packing up and heading to one of these great cities.

See you tomorrow for our last day (!!!) of THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER!

xo, K


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