12 Days of Summer / Style Profile

[The 12 Days of Summer] #4. A Style Icon’s Four Teen Vogue Covers {Style Profile}

Hello and welcome back to day eight of THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER! Though we are almost to the end of the countdown, never fear! There are still a few more days left as I count down to the end of summer and you get to see a new post each day. Today I present to you:

One of My Favorite Style Icons and Her Four Teen Vogue Covers

Who am I talking about? Emma Watson of course! Though I have to admit I’m not the subscription-holder I once was to Teen Vogue, every time I see Emma’s fresh face on the cover, I have to buy it.

4. In her most current cover…. this month’s! For August 2013 Emma goes more edgy.


382925-bling-rings-emma-watson-graces-cover-of-teen-vogue emma-watson-intro Emma-Watson---Teen-Vogue-Magazine---August-2013--09-560x373

emma-watson-for-teen-vogue-august-2013-06 Emma Watson Teen Vogue August 2013

3. Her August 2009 shoot is my absolute favorite Teen Vogue shoot ever.


0023ae606f170baae7fd36 emma_watson_teen_vogue_magazine_august_2009_u_s_page_scan__Rnn01Qz.sized tumblr_m72dprS1Ut1qgaz69o1_400 ppsl-02-emma0906 emma-watson-teen-vogue-august09 Emma-Watson-Teen-Vogue-3

2. This cover with her Harry Potter costars is all about the magic for the June/July 2007 shoot.

814d7cc74bafeca9f2 Emma-Watson-Photoshoot-034-Teen-Vogue-2007-anichu90-16831349-690-463_large Emma-Watson-Photoshoot-034-Teen-Vogue-2007-anichu90-16831350-690-461

1. And, her very first Teen Vogue cover from November 2005! Which, fun fact, is the very first Teen Vogue I ever bought 🙂


Emma-Watson-Photoshoot-024-Teen-Vogue-2005-anichu90-16830956-240-360 Teen_Vogue_November_2005 927dc8a392edb01ef1888811fad43029

Emma’s style is always evolving. She is confident in her own skin (as far as we can tell) and has definitely proven she is more than a one hit wonder. Emma Watson is here to stay, and she is definitely A Girl’s Best Friend.

Check back tomorrow for day nine of THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER!

xo, K

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