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[The 12 Days of Summer] #7. Seven Lip Colors to Try This Fall

Hellooo friends! Today marks the halfway point in THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER! I’m counting down my last days of summer with a new post every day. WOOHOOO! I can’t believe how fast it’s flown by, but never mind that, you want to get to the new post of the day, yeah? Today I present to you:

Seven Lip Colors to Try This Fall

I’ve never been a lipstick/lip gloss girl, but now I’m seeing the error in my ways. Sometimes a bold or understated lip completes the look the way no other accessory can.

7. Berry

My absolute favorite right now. It’s a pop of color that’s unexpected.

berry lip

6. Red

Bold, memorable, classic.


5. Coral

This color has such a spectrum because you can go more bold with more of an orangey color, or keep it tame with more pink in the mix.


4. Sweet pink

I love light pink especially with a good smokey eye. This is the color that is calm and is sort of like a supporting character to your wardrobe.


3. Burgundy

Show your darker side with this color. My recommendation: a sleek all black outfit and burgundy lips… no one will be able to take their eyes off of you (just make sure you stay out of the emo-zone…)


2. Plum

Another darker shade, loving for fall.

plum lips

1. Nude

Sometimes the best lip…. is no lip! Nude is so chic and easy to do.


This fall, I’m making a goal to be more bold with my lip color, and you should too! In the meantime, stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment of THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER!

xo, K


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