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[The 12 Days of Summer] #9. Nine Ways to Spruce Up Your Room

Hello and welcome back to THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER! Woohoo isn’t this exhilarating?! I’m counting down my last days of summer and you get to see a new post every day! Today I present to you:

Nine Ways To Spruce Up Your Room

Move-in is fast approaching, and we want to make this year the best and most trendiest year yet! It all starts with what you wake up to every morning… a trendy room!

9. Make it personal

In college, when you’re herded into a dorm room that looks the same as everyone else’s and about a million people have lived in there before you, you need to do all you can to make that room your own. Put your initials up so people know this is YOUR space


I have these wire letters for my room and I love them! (From PB Teen)

photo copy

This is a more simple DIY than the memo board I have lower down on the list. Just paint chevrons on a canvas and then glue some buttons!

8. Add fun lights


I love these little mini paper lanterns. You can find similar ones at Target.

7. Artwork

Some funny, inspirational, or cute pieces of art can be just what you need to make your room more personal!


You can find these and many more prints and other home goods at Obaz.

6. Insta Wall

This is such an easy DIY! Hint: Walgreens will print 4 x 4 photos so you can get professional looking prints of your instagrams… just printed mine, I can’t wait to hang them up!

6854447e7464d3d455b9a649daef8bf1 345c6ecf83b229037bcce04a5822a64f

5. Magnetic Makeup board

I haven’t made this yet but trust me it is on my to-do list! So handy and a cute way to display your makeup without taking up counter space.


4. Hang baskets for accessories

This is great because it will keep things off the floors and from taking up the ever shrinking closet space.


3. Fun throw pillows

These pillows are so cute, and an easy DIY if you happen to be handy with a sewing machine!


2. Wall Decals

The solution to painting without painting!


All of these and more can be fount at PB Teen

1. Memo Board

WARNING: This project is not for the DIY newbie (aka if you’ve never used super glue before now is not the time to start). Though this was difficult to make, it’s so satisfying that I have a personalized little place to put all of my notes, events, etc. The frames are used as dry erase boards, the biggest as a dry erase calendar. It will be a super cute addition to my desk this fall!


Basically, the best way to decorate your room is to make it your own. Use colors you love, add your monogram (if you’re into that… I certainly am), and put a little DIY effort into it! All of your friends will be suuuper jealous they didn’t think of it first 🙂

See ya tomorrow for the next installment of THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER!

xo, K


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