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[The 12 Days of Summer] #10. Top Ten Looks From the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Hey everyone! Welcome to day three of THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER! I’m counting down my last days of summer and YOU get to see a new post every day! YAY! Today I present:

Top 10 Celebrity Looks From the 2013 Teen Choice Awards!

I love the teen choice awards because every celebrity channels their inner teenage self and goes pretty trendy and crazy and fun. Though I didn’t get to post my opinions during the red carpet like I have in the past, no worries! Here are my faves… a few days late!

10. Crystal Reed and 9. Nina Dobrev

Jumpsuits seemed to be the ultimate trend of the night. I think these ladies just go to show that if you’re going to star on a TV show that surrounds itself around mystical creatures… you’re going to wear jumpsuits to awards shows.


Crystal’s looking a little more abstract while Nina is clearly working it. Either way, I’m excited because hopefully this means that jumpsuits are here to stay and I can wear mine more.

8. Shay Mitchell

Though I am ever frustrated with her racially ambiguous character on Pretty Little Liars, I have to say that Shay wins the jumpsuit award tonight. Yayyy

2013 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals


7.  Lucy Hale

Shay’s costar also got it right, but that’s not surprising. Lucy Hale keeps it oh so summery in a white skirt and crop top, and I’m loving it.

Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

6. Ryan Newman

She’s basically wearing something I would drool over if I were three, so I have to give her props for that. It’s girly and fun, and let’s not forget this is the TEEN choice awards so we shouldn’t get too serious about the fashion (and most people don’t)

2013 Teen Choice Awards - Red Carpet

5. Bridgit Mendler

This is like so perfect for her I cannot even…

Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

4. Michelle Rodriguez

FINALLY there’s an adult out there that has found a way to go to these kid award shows without dressing like a person who’s forgotten what age they are. THANK YOU! And I love the purple

2013 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

3. Carly Chaikin

Nothing wrong with a little glitter and glamour!

2013 Teen Choice Awards - Red Carpet

2. Selena Gomez

I’m a little bit on the fence about Selena’s look. On the one hand, I’ve never been a fan of the double-slit look. I can just imagine all of the ways that could go wrong. Plus, doesn’t it remind anyone else of like a giant loincloth? However, I do have to say I love the olive green and I think it’s going to be big this fall, so I give her props for that. I would just say that next time she leave the slits and cutouts at home.

2013 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

1. Danielle Deleasa aka Mrs. Jonas

Baby- bumpin Danielle is my number one tonight! She looks so summery and cute I can’t help but love it.

2013 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

BONUS! Worst dressed goes to this one:


I guess she’s just being Miley.

See you tomorrow for day 4 of our 12 DAYS OF SUMMER! Can’t wait to share with you!

xo, K

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