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[The 12 Days of Summer] #12. Top Twelve Favorite Summer Pieces

Hello and welcome to THE 12 DAYS OF SUMMER! As I count down my last 12 days of summer, you get to see an awesome new post every day! Today we have:

Top 12 Pieces To Have In Your Summer Wardrobe (in no particular order… I don’t play favorites)

12. High Waisted Denim Shorts

A summer staple recently!

photo 1 copy

shorts Urban Outfitters (but I usually prefer my other high waisted shorts that aren’t as–ahem–cheeky. But, you know, laundry day….)

11 and 10 (Double whammy woohoo!). Flowered Crop Top and Black High Waisted Shorts

I had to do these two together because look how well they go together! Like the fashion version of a summery peanut butter and jelly…


photo 1.PNG

photo 2.PNG

crop top Tobi shorts Tildon (purchased from Nordstroms)

9. Maxi Skirt

Hot pink and fabulous!


Skirt Everly (purchased from Pitaya)

8. Maxi Dress

Because going with a Maxi is a great choice when you A) Don’t want to get out of your pajamas — they’re so comfortable! and/or B) Didn’t shave your legs


photo 4

dress Suzi Chin (purchased at Nordstrom Rack)

7. White Jeans

Only so much time before labor day hits and it’s technically unacceptable to wear white denim…


jeans Jolt top Soprano (both purchased at Nordstroms)

6. Little Polka Dot Dress



photo 4 copy

dress Urban Outfitters

5. Another Blue Dress

Don’t remind me how many blue dresses I have in my closet….



dress Urban Outfitters

4. Pink Bow Shorts


 photo 3.PNG

shorts Necessary Clothing

3. Black Zara Shorts

Are they lounge shorts? Are they to actually go out in? I DONT KNOW! All I know is they’re the comfiest shorts I’ve ever worn, and they’re so cute!

photo 2 copy photo 3 copy

shorts Zara

2. Little Flowery Dress

So summery!



dress Tobi

1. Sweetheart Peplum

Perfectly sweet look, that could definitely transition into the fall

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

top Necessary Clothing

Well, that was a great countdown! I’ll see you all tomorrow for the second day of our 12 DAYS OF SUMMER!!

xo, K

Side note: just looked over the post and realized how messy my room is. Please ignore the constant packing dilemma that is my life.


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