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Valentines Day (might be) A Girl’s Best Friend

Alright. I hear some girls love it and some hate it, but you can’t stop time and once February 14th is upon us, you may as well look smokin.

For Day (work or class)

Don’t be– I repeat, DON’T BE — the girl that comes in wearing hearts all over her body. In the office or lecture hall environment, I can guarantee you there will be some angry girl about ready to rip your hair out for even mentioning V-Day. Show your enthusiasm subtly.

Show your enthusiasm with a pop of color (pink or red, obvi.). Lots of cute colorful trenches like these can be found at J.Crew.
For Date Night:
Cute and Flirty
These outfits are good for the Valentines date where you haven’t known the guy too long and/or aren’t too serious. He’s taking you to some trendy fun bar.
Dress: Lush Studded Shift Dress, Nordstrom, $40 Jacket: Blank Spike Vegan Leather Jacket, Tobi, $158 (an investment, but obviously a staple) Shoes: LOSTON, Aldo Shoes, $90 (another investment, but you could wear this type of shoe with so many outfits)
Top: Sparkle & Fade Harness Neck Cami, Urban Outfitters, $49 Jeans: J Brand Mid-Rise Triple Zip Skinny Jeans, Tobi, $209 Purse: Tory Burch ‘Reva Bombe’ Clutch, Nordstrom, $350
For the Serious Date
You want a ring, honey. We get it. CLASSY bodycon is the way to go:
From Left to right: T by Tadashi Off Shoulder Bandage Dress, $138; Herve Leger Metallic Bandage Dress,  $1,350 (I’m obviously posting this one as an example/inspiration. I don’t want you to go out and spend 1000 plus dollars on a dress.); JS Collection Asymmetrical Strap Bandage Dress, $107; all from Nordstrom
Whether you have a boyfriend or not, who doesn’t love a holiday devoted to eating lots and lots of chocolate? I mean, that’s why it [might be] a girl’s best friend.
xo, K

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