Technology is a Girl’s Best Friend

I love to hate technology. Just when I think I understand what I’m doing, my computer will throw me through a loop and I’ll be completely frustrated for 6-8 minutes, before I apologize to my laptop and say, “I didn’t mean it baby, I still love you.”

Since actually using technology for me is pretty iffy, one of my favorite activities is to get tech accessories and try to make my things as trendy as me. I wish I had a whole budget just for my tech’s wardrobe, but I don’t, so instead I’m pretend shopping via this blog!

Here are some great tech accessories:

For the iPhone:

society6 collage

all $35, from Society6

nordstrom cases

All from Nordstrom, left: Rabito case, $32; top center: Milly circle print, $40; bottom center: Milly “starburst” print, $40; right: Kate Spade New York ‘chitchat’ case, $40


If your phone is feeling extra sassy why not try a smartphone charm like this, from Cara Accessories, $28, from Nordstrom. They plug into your headphone jack and instantly add that extra je ne sais quoi.

For the macbook:

macbook collage

Top Left: Amazon, TopCase macbook case, $15.99 (I have this one! I couldn’t resist the Tiffany blue); Top Right: Society6, Mingle laptop skin, $30; Bottom: Amazon, silicone keyboard cover, 99 cents each

laptop sleeves

Clockwise, from top left: Nordstrom, Marc by Marc Jacobs $118; Amazon, leopard print sleeve, $15.50; Etsy, personalized laptop sleeve, $29.99; Etsy, turquoise bow sleeve, $36.99

For the iPad:

_7597503 Nordstrom, DVF, $145

_7551810 Nordstrom, Lodis, $98

il_570xN.396346422_n1dt  Etsy, $46.99ipad-sleeve_glitter-sleeve Kate Spade NY, $80

We all know that there are many more ways to accessorize your phone/computer/tablet, but these are just a few ideas that I had. So many designers now have a whole section devoted to tech accessories on their websites, because everyone is recognizing that people are finding ways to still make their things unique, even when we all have the same products.

The potential for fabulousness is what makes technology a girl’s best friend.

xo, K


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