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Blake Lively is a Girl’s Best Friend {Style Profile}

I have never talked to anyone about Blake Lively that says they hate Blake Lively’s fashion sense. That is a roundabout way of saying everyone loves Blake’s style. She is boho-chic, especially when she plays Serena (and I heard that Blake and Serena inspired each other’s styles, so in a fashion sense Blake and Serena are one and the same, in my opinion. Just clarifying.) and can just as easily pull out the old Hollywood glamour.

Though hard to do, I narrowed down her looks to my top 5 favorites.



This color. Oh, this color. I love it so much! It goes perfectly with her skin tone, I love the glitter, and I think the cut is great for her.


blake collage 1

A clear example of Blake’s old Hollywood glamour. I especially love the red lips that pop.


blake collage 2

Alright, I’m gonna say it. Blake legitimately looks like an angel in this dress. Gorgeous! I don’t think the big earrings were necessary, maybe a pair of diamond studs would have been better, but other than that, seriously. What an angel.


blake collage 3

I am 100% obsessed with her Glamour photoshoot from 2011. What about it do I love? Is it the 60s-chic? Yes. Is it the hair and make up? Yes. Is it the outfits themselves? Yes. I love it all.



I don’t think I need to tell anyone that a LBD is classic. So let’s talk about what she does to make it her own: I love the little bit of blue at the tip of her shoes. It’s such a small detail you could miss it, but it adds the right amount of fun to the outfit that Blake should be adding at her age. And of course hair and makeup are flawless and perfect for the outfit.

Blake Lively manages to make anything she wears her own, and that is why she is a girl’s best friend.

xo, K


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