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Shirts That Have Something to Say are a Girl’s Best Friend

We all know the saying: If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. And I completely 100% agree with that. Sometimes, it’s better if you just keep your mouth shut.

And let your shirt speak for you.

124974958381215941_Bbp5Ptii_c (www.mttmnyc.com) This is my next outgoing shirt purchase.

Basically, I love shirts like this. I don’t think I would actually wear this type of clothing out of the house on a serious mission, but yeah, if I were just hanging around the house, or in my dorm, people appreciate it. They really do.

137993176054003171_eSMpbbRh_c (www.skreened.com)

Like honestly, if I wore this on a saturday or sunday morning, people would understand. I wouldn’t have to say anything, they would just be like, “nice” and I’d shrug and go about my business. This is the kind of shirt that my peers would enjoy, but if I had a boss, probably not so much. Unless that boss were like, Chelsea Handler or someone of the similar nature. Which I’m convinced would be really cool. Chels, hit me up girl.

fd_1 (www.shopBCSB.com)

I mean, is it not obvious that a girl that would wear a shirt like this would be outgoing and fun? It’s just that, sometimes outgoing and fun girls are too lazy, so they let their shirts do it for them.


Here is my very own outgoing shirt.IMG_2116

I don’t live in New York. I’ve been there once, in fact. So why do I have this shirt? Because it’s fucking awesome and it makes me smile every time I see it, let alone wear it. The shirt is from Brandy Melville and the super awesome cheetah leggings are from Forever 21, in case you were wondering (I would be, if I were you). And ya know what? One day I will wear that shirt in New York City, just you watch. But for now, I love making people take a second glance at what my shirt is saying.

These shirts do the talking when I don’t want to, and that is why they are a girl’s best friend.

xo, K


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