What I Wore

What I Wore: Black on Black

photo 2

I apologize for the mirror pic, but I have yet to hire a photographer to follow me wherever I go…

So anyways! Perfect for a fun night out:

Black Free People top: Just got it from nordstrom, my favorite part is the beaded neckline, as seen below.

photo 1

Hue “lacquer” leggings: these don’t photograph well in the horrible lighting of my room, so I’m using the pic from the nordstrom website. They’re basically like leather leggings, and I’m obsessed. Super comfortable, the only problem is that they fall down a lot so I have to always keep pulling them up.


The Shoes: In a perfect world, I would have worn my black steve madden platform pumps, but this isn’t a perfect world, and I left those shoes at school and I’m still on break, soooo I had to go for the gray booties from target. I think it kind of breaks the line and makes my 5’2 frame look EVEN shorter, if that’s possible, but it also could have been worse.

The shoes I wanted to wear:

8B8BDD1F-C21B-4230-8E5C-F9C9D254C837 (photo via google images)

The shoes I actually wore:


Not too bad of a replacement, if I do say so myself. I think the lesson here is to never pack frivolously. When you’re about to be like, “i guess I’ll leave them behind….” DONT LEAVE THE SHOES BEHIND. Leave the shampoo behind, because there’s always shampoo at your local walgreens that you’ll have to buy eventually anyways! You can’t re-buy $75 shoes. No sir-ee.

But anyways, we all know I love black on black, because it’s sleek, slimming, and uber trendy. And that is why this outfit is a girl’s best friend.

xo, K


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