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Geometric Necklaces are a Girl’s Best Friend

Lately everywhere I go I see girls wearing a simple top and adding a statement necklace, the most popular statement necklace right now being the geometric necklace.

geometric necklaces picframe (photos from pinterest)

The geometric necklace has a futuristic aspect to it that I think will be popular in the upcoming months. It’s 2013 now, and people have high expectations for the future.

How to wear:

The main thing to remember is that a geometric necklace is a statement piece, so the key is to make everything else simple and let the jewelry pop. I would also recommend minimal extra jewelry, and certainly no other pieces that need attention themselves. Trust me, this necklace is an attention-getter on its own.

geom how to wear collage (photos from pinterest)

I think I like the look best when the length of the necklace is kept close to the neckline.

Where to buy:

I did a little bit of searching, and I found some necklaces in all price ranges.


Forever 21, $8.80


Forever 21, $6.80


Forever 21, $10.80


True Birds, $38 (Nordstrom)


House of Harlow, $70 (Nordstrom)


Kate Spade New York, $148 (Nordsrom)


Judith Jack, $495 (Nordstrom)

It’s a perfect statement piece for the new year, and that is why the geometric necklace is a girl’s best friend.

xo, K


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