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Kate Middleton is a Girl’s Best Friend {Style Profile}

Alright, it’s time to admit it. I have an insane obsession with Kate Middleton’s closet. I mean, is it enough that she lives the life of Cinderella (the good parts at least)? Nope. She has to have the most perfect wardrobe and beauty. She’s the only woman under public scrutiny who I have ever known to get away with repeating an article of clothing. She’s the model J. Crew wish they had. I mean, look at that face.


She’s smiling like that because she knows she’s awesome.

In case you didn’t know it, today is her birthday! So in honor of her special day, I am bestowing upon her the first ever A Girl’s Best Friend Style Profile. I wish I could just show every outfit Kate Middleton has ever worn, but I had to give myself some limits. So, I have picked out my top five favorite outfits of Kate Middleton.



One of Kate Middleton’s best style skills is being able to look perfectly casual and comfortable but still look presentable for Queen Grandma-in-Law.



Not to quote Britney or anything (I’m trying to keep this post about the Duchess pretty classy) but oops, she did it again. I wish I looked that gorgeous when I slipped on a pair of jeans and my hunters. Unfortunately for me… I don’t.



Yes, the outfit she wore the day she announced her engagement to Prince William. Such an amazing moment, and that outfit (which graced the cover of every magazine) will never be forgotten. I would put along with this the picture of what she wore when the news broke about her pregnancy, but I’m pretty sure that would mean a hospital gown. I bet she rocked that too. Sigh.


11_kmids-144196669 277393658268738290_QdkGkmMN_c

This gown! A creative color choice, a beautiful back, perfect hairstyle for the dress, and she made the right choice by not over accessorizing. LOVE. IT.


Drummmrolllll please (although I bet you already know what it is)


133278470192922134_Qidy8Ojv_c 127437864427396479_37o3sKdU_c

The Wedding Dress! Only Kate could bring such modesty back in style. If people will never forget the engagement dress, then the wedding dress may as well just go down in history. Stick that baby in a museum please (if they haven’t already done so…. fact check anyone?) so I can see it up close and personal.

And BONUS! She wore a different gown for the evening!


I could say so much more and post so many more pictures about Kate’s style, and I’m sure I will again (possibly a Kate Middleton Maternity Style Profile?!) but until then, please enjoy the photos. They’re a small portion of the reason why Kate Middleton is a Girl’s Best Friend.

xo, K




A note about these photos: I do not own any of these, and to be honest I pulled most of them off pinterest (oh, pinterest, I love you).


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